After teaming up with local ethical uniform company Little Yellow Bird, our Zoo team will be showing off their new look from Wednesday 21 December. 

The vibrant new Zoo uniforms are set to make a splash and are part of our mission of igniting a Zoo revolution.

We’ve loved working with Little Yellow Bird, as they share our commitment to making sustainable and ethical choices that are good for people and animals. They use organic cotton, which is grown without chemicals and has a much smaller environmental impact compared with conventionally grown cotton. Little Yellow Bird can also trace garments from cotton seed to disposal. 

We’re passionate about securing safe habitats for animals worldwide, and we know that our sustainable purchasing choices can help make this a reality – creating jobs that provide alternative livelihoods, reducing environmental impacts, and investing in community development.

Little Yellow Bird has a bigger mission than just making clothing - they aim to alleviate poverty in the region where its products are made. They make sure that all workers along their supply chain, from the cotton farmer to the tailor, are all paid fairly for the work they do. Each shirt can be traced to the individual who made it by the label – giving our team a personal connection to the people who have created their uniform.

Little Yellow Bird have also been funding micro-loans, educational scholarships and resources for rural schools in India in the cotton farming communities where they source their materials from.

We are aiming to make a positive difference in all aspects of our work so partnering with Little Yellow Bird was an obvious choice.  As well as developing a great new uniform for our staff, Little Yellow Bird is also helping to sustainably manage the reuse and recycling of our existing uniform to complete the loop.

We’re excited to show off our new look, which has our staff looking smart, feeling comfortable, and happy in the knowledge that our new uniforms have come from an ethical journey.


Keeper Joakim Liman shows off the Zoo’s new fashion revolution.

Keeper Joakim Liman shows off the Zoo’s new fashion revolution.