We have been working with Greater Wellington Regional Council over the last few months, and are happy to announce that there will be a six month trial of a bus from the Railway Station to the Zoo starting on February 3.

Many of our local community rely on public transport so this is a fantastic result not only for our visitors but also for our local Newtown neighbours. 

We have always advocated for people to catch the bus to the Zoo as an environmentally friendly transport option, and we hope that many visitors and Newtown residents will take advantage of the new 23Z route so we can turn the trial into a permanent service.

The 23Z bus route is an hourly service between the railway station and the Zoo, including weekends. 

Alternatively, you can take one of the buses to the Wellington Hospital first (for example the No.1 and No. 3 ) and transfer at the Wellington Hospital hub (stop C).

You can find timetables and more details at Metlink.