Have you met Pearl and Sapphire? Our pair of Finnish Landrace Sheep are growing up fast!

Lambs NEWS

Pearl and Sapphire came to Wellington Zoo at just a few weeks old. They've since happily settled into their new home in Meet the Locals He Tuku Aroha, our walk-through New Zealand precinct, and they're now out and about on the farm.

Say hello to these friendly sisters when you're next at the Zoo, and feel free to give them a gentle pat if they come over to investigate ewe!

Did you know?

Sheep have strong legs for climbing steep hills, so you can often find ours grazing on the grassy hill near the chicken coop.

You'll probably hear them, too. Sheep communicate with each other with a range of bleats, grunts and snorts, and each has a unique bleat. Can you recognise Pearl’s bleat from Sapphire’s?