We were the world’s first carboNZero certified zoo and now we’re taking the next step to further reduce our carbon emissions by installing 48 new solar panels.

The panels will be installed at Wellington Zoo’s front entrance building and will save the Zoo the same amount of power used by one and a half average households per year.

As a conservation organisation, we work hard to save animals in the wild – and the effects of climate change are a major threat to wildlife worldwide. Reducing our carbon emissions is important to minimising our impact on climate and protecting our environment from further harm.

The initiative follows many other actions the Zoo has taken to reduce our carbon footprint such as large scale composting and waste reduction, to collecting over 300,000 litres of rain water each year.

We’re proud to showcase our environmentally conscious practices to our community. We’ve been sharing our sustainability journey with visitors to show how choices each person makes at home and at work can help to reduce their own carbon footprint.

The installation is being managed by the Sustainability Trust, not-for-profit energy efficiency specialists, who will be installing the panels from 1 February.

One of the best outcomes for us is inspiring more people to think about how they can use power more smartly in their own homes or organisations.

 Going solar 002