Wellington Zoo has once again been recognised for our commitment to promoting positive animal welfare as we achieve our third consecutive Accreditation through the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA).

Achieving this accreditation solidifies Wellington Zoo’s position as a world leader in animal welfare.


“We are incredibly proud to have achieved this Accreditation once again,” says Simon Eyre, Manager of Animal Science at Wellington Zoo,


ZAA’s Accreditation includes application of the Five Domains Model to assess whether Positive Welfare is occurring within the Zoo. ZAA members are assessed for ZAA Accreditation every three years, a process that incorporates the latest in animal welfare science. 


Simon says, “the ZAA Accreditation lets our wider community know that the animals at Wellington Zoo are being given first-class care so that they can live fulfilled lives full of positive experiences,”


“This is a reflection of the commitment, passion and hard work that goes on behind the scenes, to ensure we are supporting a good and full life for the animals in our care,”


Wellington Zoo has a large team of skilled staff who are all involved in ensuring the welfare needs of its animals are met. The Zoo has an Animal Science Team, which includes a Nutrition Specialist, a specialist Veterinary team, and an Animal Welfare Committee, which supports and guides the Animal Care team who provide daily care for every animal at the Zoo.


The Accreditation report also recognised Wellington Zoo’s significant contribution to conservation through our involvement in breeding programmes, learning , onsite advocacy, supporting in-situ conservation and much more.


As a progressive zoo, animal welfare underpins everything that Wellington Zoo does. We apply the Five Domains Model to ensure our animals are happy and healthy. This model assesses not only the physical well-being of our animals, but also their emotional and mental state, and takes into consideration the animal’s behavioural and physiological needs.


You can be proud knowing that every time you visit Wellington Zoo, you are contributing towards this important work.


To learn more about how we support the Five Domains of Animal Welfare, we created a video explaining what it means to have happy and healthy animals.