Local ethical uniform company Little Yellow Bird will be providing our new uniforms, with the new look due to be unveiled in time for summer.

The vibrant new Zoo uniforms are set to make a splash and are part of our mission to ignite a Zoo revolution. 

Little Yellow Bird and Wellington Zoo share many values, with sustainability and environmental impact being central the ethos of both social enterprises. Little Yellow Bird uses organic cotton, which when grown without chemicals, has a much smaller environmental impact when compared with conventionally grown cotton. They can also trace garments from the seed to disposal.

We’re excited to work with Little Yellow Bird, as they share our commitment to making sustainable and ethical choices that are good for people and animal. We want to secure safe habitats for animals worldwide, and we know that our purchasing choices can help make this a reality – creating jobs that provide alternative livelihoods, reducing environmental impacts, and investing in community development.

Little Yellow Bird has a bigger mission than just making clothing - it aims to alleviate poverty in the region where its products are made.

“We make sure that all workers along our supply chain, from the cotton farmer to the tailor, are all paid fairly for the work they do,” says Samantha Jones, CEO Little Yellow Bird. “As a social enterprise, we are passionate about creating a positive impact in the communities where our products are made, supporting projects in these areas.”

"We have been funding micro-loans and educational scholarships and aim to support 100 projects over the next 12 months” says Samantha.


Little Yellow Bird

Samantha and Hannah from Little Yellow Bird with Daniel at Wellington Zoo


Wellington Zoo aims to make a positive difference in all aspects of its work so partnering with Little Yellow Bird was an obvious choice.

We’re looking forward to showing off our new uniforms this summer, which will see our staff looking smart, feeling comfortable, and happy in the knowledge that their new uniforms have come from an ethical journey.