It’s never a typical day for our team at The Nest Te Kōhanga, who recently took radiographs of two of our female Veiled Chameleons with help from Tasman St Vet Centre.

The radiographs, or x-rays, were used during a general health check and to assess the bone structures of their jaws. One of the Chameleon’s lower jaws appears to be smaller than average, and the Vets wanted to compare the two. 

The Chameleons were anaesthetised before the team took full-body x-rays with Wellington Zoo’s x-ray machine. One of the vets from Tasman St Vet Centre then took further radiographs using their own specialised dental-plate equipment.

The x-rays have now been sent to a radiologist for further assessment, but it appears at this stage both Chameleons won’t require any further medical treatment.   They are recovering well and are also both showing signs of being gravid – which means very fertile!

You can learn more about our Chameleons when you visit Hero HQ.

 Chameleon 3 Chameleon 2 

Chameleon x ray