Wellington Zoo is on the road to building a better future for wildlife and wild places, as a new electric vehicle charging station is installed outside the Zoo.

New EV Charging Station

One of Wellington Zoo's electric vehicles being charged at the new charging station.

The site is located on Manchester Street, Newtown and features two medium-speed, 25kW DC chargers that can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. 

We’ve been working closely with Wellington City Council and ChargeNet NZ to bring a charging station to Newtown, so residents and Zoo visitors can charge their electric vehicles while they explore the Zoo or visit Mojo Café.

Wellington Zoo and Wellington City Council have both made commitments to reduce CO2 emissions and to work towards a zero carbon capital by 2050. Wellington City Council is installing over 25 electric vehicle chargers in residential areas around Wellington to help more people switch to electric vehicles. 

Fuel powered cars contribute around 38% of the city’s emissions, while electric cars emit 80% less carbon. The number of public chargers in the city is increasing quickly and residents who haven’t been able to charge up at their own property, will now be able to access this charging site in Newtown. 

The Zoo is passionate about sustainability and building a better future for wildlife and wild places. We currently have two electric vehicles in our fleet and we will continue to phase all Zoo vehicles to electric.

As the world’s first carboNZero certified zoo, we are committed to lowering our carbon emissions and drive behaviour change within our Wellington and wider community.


EV charging

Zoo EV charging up