New Zealand's native Kororā Little Blue Penguins are in decline, but you can help to protect this shy bird. We've been lucky to enjoy lots of sunny weather, so if you're heading off to the beach or to enjoy our natural spaces, make sure you keep your dog on a lead if it's joining you!

Research shows that dogs pose the biggest threat to Kororā Little Blue Penguins and our Veterinary Team see this first hand with patients at The Nest Te Kōhanga. We’re currently nursing one Kororā back to health after it suffered injuries in a dog attack, and it’s just one of several that we’ve seen over the last year. 

While our Veterinary Team are experts in providing care for native species like Kororā, you can help prevent these injuries by keeping dogs on a lead while they’re out enjoying Wellington’s natural spaces. 

Saving native wildlife is a crucial part of the work we do here at The Nest Te Kōhanga, and returning native animals back to the wild is an important part of our conservation work. We were able to release another Kororā back to the wild recently after it had arrived emaciated and weak. We’re working to make sure that other Kororā don’t run the risk of running into dogs that are not kept on leads – as dogs will follow their natural instincts to sniff out the strong smelling birds. 

Have you met the four Kororā that live at Meet the Locals He Tuku Aroha? These are all rescue Penguins that were cared for at The Nest Te Kōhanga. While vets were able to save them, the injuries each Kororā had sustained meant that they would not be able to fend for themselves in the wild, so they now live here and help us connect with animals that share our environment.

We're passionate about caring for our local Kororā - find out more about our work to save animals in the wild with Places for Penguins.