We're on a buzzzzz this September celebrating Bee Awareness month! 

Did you know that 41 different species of bee are found in Aotearoa, and 28 of those species are endemic to New Zealand! Our indigenous bees are pollinators, and while they aren't suitable as honey bees, they are responsible for pollinating many of our native plants.

To celebrate bee conservation this month, here are some handy tips to encourage bees into your garden:

  1. Try to avoid spraying your garden. If you do spray, ensure you use a non-toxic, bee-friendly product at sunset when bees have gone to bed. 
  2. Plant bee-friendly plants in your garden such as rewarewa, pohutukawa, NZ jasmine, wild flowers, sage and basil - just to name a few!
  3. Bees need fresh water to drink and you can help by creating a bee bath for them to use. Set up a shallow dish in your garden with fresh water and add some smalls rocks to the dish to create a place for bees to land while they drink. 


Kids looking at Bees in behive