We are beyond excited to announce that we have successfully hatched 13 Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas. This is the first time in Australasia where this understudied species has bred in human care.

Baby Tarantulas

The Zoo has successfully hatched 13 Goliath spiderlings

Our Reptile and Invertebrates team have been working towards this moment for 2 years, with many pairings and failed egg sacs in the past so this is a huge achievement for us and for this species.

Goliaths are listed as Not Evaluated by IUCN so we don’t know how well they are doing in the wild right now. It’s likely that their numbers are in decline due to over collection for the pet trade.

Some of the spiderlings will remain at Wellington Zoo, while others will make their way to other zoos once they are old enough, and continue to contribute to the international breeding programme.

Just like our other spiders, these little babies are safe and secure in the Zoo. We have very secure habitats at the Zoo and just to put your mind at ease, this species wouldn’t be able to survive in our climate, it’s far too cold for them.

Goliath spiderling close up

Goliath spiderling close up


Reptile Team Leader, Dave and Keeper Joel

Reptile & Invertebrate Team Leader, Dave and Zoo Keeper, Joel