Our Visitor Advisor Ali is on a conservation adventure - supporting our partners at 21st Century Tiger with her design skills to help refresh their brand. 

My journey started in the evening at Wellington Airport. After a smooth flight and an encounter with an adorable little girl, I arrived in Auckland International Airport. Made my way upstairs to figure out which gate I needed to go through next. A quick trip through to a very humid Hong Kong, then the long haul flight through to Heathrow.

It was soon Monday morning and time to experience the London trains and tube. You may think there are a lot of people on our Wellington buses, but there isn't. Don't think I've been that close to that many people in my life!

Esther from 21st Century Tiger greeted me at the main reception and up I went for that very important health and safety introduction and walk through of the building. Time to open the laptop and check things out. 

Ali at her laptop in the 21st Century Tiger office

So day one was spent looking over the current fundraising guide they have available on their website, seeing how things could be rearranged to streamline the look and give it a professional touch. With the laptop logged in and ready to go it was time to open Adobe InDesign and start to create a new layout. Before I knew it, lunch time was upon us so out we go for a cafeteria style lunch (the type you see in movies). 

Ali beside ZSL London Zoo sign

Then it was off to explore some of London Zoo - the highlight was the two baby Sumatran Tigers they currently have on-site. And then of course back to the laptop for more work. During the afternoon I let it slip that it was my birthday, and by the end of the day Esther had organised cupcakes for everyone to share to celebrate. They could not have made me feel more welcome!

Ali with birthday cupcakes and team


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