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Want to know a bit more about donating to Wellington Zoo?

Wellington Zoo is a not-for-profit charitable trust. We rely on the help of our generous supporters and people like you to keep our Zoo thriving and allow us to help protect, save and rehabilitate animals in the wild.

Whatever we’re doing, the common thread in all our work is to help people like you make a connection with animals that leaves you inspired to take action to help save animals in the wild. For us, this is a huge part of what it means to be a zoo in today’s world. Thank you for helping!

You can donate a one-off amount or give a donation that repeats every month. 

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Help the animals and projects at Wellington Zoo

Your donation will go where we need it most - whether helping to feed or enrich our animals, supporting breeding programmes for endangered animals, or new equipment for The Nest Te Kōhanga, our veterinary hospital and centre for native wildlife care.

Help support our conservation efforts in the wild

Your donation will go towards supporting our conservation efforts in New Zealand and abroad - whether it's fighting the illegal wildlife trade, working with communities to protect habitats, or population monitoring. 

A snapshot of our conservation efforts

Here in New Zealand, The Nest Te Kōhanga provides veterinary care for hundreds of injured native animals every year so they can return to the wild. We help look after Wellington’s Kororā Little Blue Penguin population, help recover New Zealand’s Grand and Otago Skink populations, and support the protection of Kea in Nelson Lakes and Arthur’s Pass.

We’re involved in a number of projects all over the world that aim to save or protect animals and their endangered environments. These projects include wild Tiger conservation in seven different countries, saving the Golden Lion Tamarin and its native Atlantic forest habitat, protecting wild Cheetahs in South Africa, critically endangured Lemurs in Madagascar, Red Pandas in Nepal, Cotton Top Tamarins in Colombia, and Malayan Sun Bears in South East Asia. We support the rehabilitation of Chimpanzees in the Republic of Congo, White Cheeked Gibbons in Vietnam,, the reduction of illegal wildlife trade in South-East Asia, and the Australasian campaign for mandatory labelling of palm oil.

Find out more about our conservation efforts in the wild.

If you’d like to build a legacy with us, you can also leave a bequest in your will.

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