Beat the boredom at home

Check out these fun learning activities for kids!

Wellington Zoo is currently closed to visitors due to the latest COVID-19 alert moving to level 4, but we are still taking excellent care for the animals and our staff. Our Learning Team have come up with some fun resources for kids to help beat the boredom at home!

Animal Training

Want to train your pet like a real Zoo Keeper? Check out the video with Carnivore Keeper Courtney to see how we train animals at Wellington Zoo and learn how you can join in at home.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles made using


Pen Pals

Get in touch with the Zoo team

Tamariki, Wellington Zoo wants to hear from you! Do you know some cool facts about Cheetahs you’re just racing to share? Are you itching to find out what Sasa our Sun Bear has for supper? Then why not become Pen Pals with one of our Zoo Keepers!

We love hearing from you and we also LOVE sharing the pictures you have drawn with our animals.

So take a picture of your art work, email us a letter, or send us a video with your questions to One of our super star Zoo Keepers will read out some of your letters to your favourite animals!

Enrichment for your pet

At Wellington Zoo we give the animals a lot of enrichment to keep them happy, healthy, and keep their lives interesting. It’s the animal equivalent of having books to read, TV to watch, games, sports or musical instruments to play.

But it isn’t just something that happens at the Zoo. While we are all at home, we can make enrichment for our animals as well! Making enrichment is fun for us and fun for our pets. We can get really creative and make some exciting and challenging activities that they will love.


How to make dog ice blocks or 'pupsicles'


  • ½ carrot
  • Hot water
  • Marmite
  • Plastic container


  1. Chop the carrot into pieces - make sure you ask an adult to help you 
  2. Place them in a container and fill with hot water - ask an adult for help first
  3. Stir in a dab of Marmite so it dissolves through the whole ice block
  4. Put it in the freezer to set for about 4 hours
  5. When frozen, remove ice block from container - if it's stuck, try running it under the tap
  6. Give it to your dog and see what they think!

Be sure to check with an adult to see if your pet has any known allergies first.

Colouring Activity

Print and colour in your favourite Wellington Zoo animals!