Chimp Park Grand Opening Weekend

Join us at the Zoo for the Chimp Park grand opening weekend on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December. There will be fun activities including games, face painting and making enrichment for our troop of Chimps!

For the new Chimp habitat we worked closely with habitat design experts, and we’ve incorporated more climbing structures, hammocks and ropes than ever! These features aim to improve the Chimps wellbeing and encourage natural behaviours through environmental complexity. And it’s environmentally friendly too – made from recycled fire hoses, poles from old trolley buses and ropes from the port.

There’s also a new immersive glass viewing area to help people connect with the Chimps and a new children’s playground, inspired by Chimps and how they play.

Come hang with the Chimps at the Zoo for the grand opening of the Chimp Park and learn how you can make a difference to Chimpanzees in the wild.

Wellington Zoo supports JGI New Zealand in their work to save Chimpanzees in the wild and Wellingtonians can help Chimpanzees in the wild by choosing FSC certified products.

We would like to thank Pub Charity Limited and Wellington City Council for their generous support in this project.